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  • Revised for 2023 Exams.
  • Book a lesson in advance and redeem it at a time of your choice. (Subject to confirmation with Mr Patel. Please call / text on :  0777 2345 269).
  • Online lessons only (Due to COVID 19 restrictions).
  • Lesson link will be sent once the lesson is booked. You may download No webcam is needed!
  • You may be allowed to use any promotional codes on the next page. Remember to click "Apply" after using the code!
  • This lesson is for A-Level Mathematics.
  • Exam boards covered: Edexcel, AQA, MEI, OCR.
  • Offer subject to change as per season without prior notice.
  • Cancellation is 24 hours prior and subject to approval.
  • Pricing is indicative and is subject to change as per the requirements of different exam boards. i.e. MEI, OCR, Edexcel and also the students' own requirements / expectations / commitments!

A Level Maths (1 to 1)

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