August 2021 results update.
(A Levels) 6 students into Medicine including Cambridge, Liverpool and Leeds.
GCSE / IGCSE (18 out of 25 students achieved grade 9, 7 achieved a grade 8).
August 2021. Latest feedback from parents and students (you are welcome to speak to them).
  • Kamal has been my A Level Maths tutor for the past 2 years and after my experience with him, I can only sing his praises. I came to him desperately trying to turn around a D grade in Maths and came out with an A grade in the end. I found the subject to be an uphill battle and particularly struggled with modules like C4 and C3, but I ended up scoring high in those with his help (87 and 80 UMS respectively). I have found him to be very supportive, not just in helping me with Maths but also in getting to the core of the habits and study techniques holding me back so we can alter them. He helped me to timetable my work and we set targets together to ensure everything would be complete on time, giving me a massive boost of confidence for my exams. He put in extra time nearing my exams and I was always given clear guidance as to what I needed to get done at home. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his students’ success. He is thorough, attentive to detail and has niche knowledge of the syllabus and exams which allowed me to access a high grade. Despite Maths having been my weakest subject, I am pleased to say that I achieved the grade I needed to study Law at Durham University this coming September. I think that without Kamal’s help, it would have been quite a different story. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a tutor!

                Tanya Patel (A Level June 2018)


  • Both of my children were tutored by Kamal Patel. He was very punctual to the lessons and he would never give up on the targets the school had set for my children (son and daughter). We found Kamal to be very professional and persevering (which is what we were looking for) and I am very proud to say that my daughter is now a reputed Optometrist and my son is a mathematician, thanks to Kamal for all the brilliant maths grades they got in their final A Level exams.


Mrs Shah (S Harrow)


  • I've really enjoyed and benefited from Kamal's tutoring in A Level Maths. The dynamic and structure of the lessons allow you to address and maths queries there and then, as well as spending time going through questions independently to ensure you have a good grasp of the concept.

     I've gained confidence with the application of my maths skills through the approach Kamal uses, and I have found it very easy to talk through my highest aims for each module whilst keeping in mind what's realistic.

I definitely recommend Kamal as a tutor! 

Isha (A-Level Maths)


(Entrance exam Test preparation)

  • Kamal was an excellent and professional tutor. He managed to keep my daughter positive too. He came at short notice and took a genuine interest in my daughter who had to sit a further maths test after she got an A grade in maths GCSE to enable her to study maths at A-level. She passed successfully after being tutored by Kamal.

        I would definitely recommend him.

  (Malini Patel, Parent of a year 11 student. -     Service requested: Entrance exam preparation intensive                  course)


  • IGCSE Maths August 2021 result


Mock exam grade: B (February 2017)

End of year exam grade (8 - A* equivalent) after only 8 lessons.


My daughter Hannah worked with Kamal from the beginning of Dec 2016 - Jun 2017. She is a bright girl but needed extra help with her maths. Hannah was working at grade B (mock exam result) and was awarded grade A* for her IGCSE Maths. Kamal is calm and was able to identify and pinpoint the areas she most needed help with. I would strongly recommend him. All the best, Mrs Louise Riley.


  • (GCSE Maths) A great teacher who not only teaches but inspires students. We are fortunate to have found him. As he teaches in a Grammar school he is on top of what is needed. He responded quickly to our initial enquiry. My daughter says that Kamal uses techniques to easily understand complex topics. He always gives great feedback at the end of the lesson. Our daughter looks forward to his lessons. He has given our daughter great attention. We highly recommend him to other parents.​


        (Mr Bill Birdie. Parent of a GCSE year 11 student).