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  • Get a detailed telephone consultation on UCAS applications (what, where, when, what and how to choose)
  • Which courses to choose at A levels based on your ability?
  • What mistakes should you avoid when choosing the right school, college, or exam board for A-levels (Hint: If you select the correct exam board and the school offering it, your journey could be easier than you think it is).
  • The mistakes to avoid at all cost (including the perception that you have got admitted into a grammar school!!)
  • Who to choose as your right mentor, tutor or coach?
  • I will provide a written confirmation report on the points that we discuss, including suggestions, next steps and timetabling (This is vital to success at A-Levels, and over 60% of confident sixth former students and parents get this wrong and then you are forced to settle down with a lower predicted grade for UCAS)
  • I will guide you to the correct textbooks, study, revision and exam preparation materials.

UCAS Consultation (for A-Level)

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